Tango House of Madison classes and milongas are all suspended starting March 12 until at least April 10. Tonight’s class, March 11, 2020, will be the last one for the foreseeable future. This is being done in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19, and we’re following the practices of the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

The UW-Madison is suspending face-to-face teaching and asking residents of the undergraduate dorms to move out. The university is implementing these policies starting March 23. I believe the university is waiting until March 23 to suspend face-to-face instruction because Spring break starts on March 16. In order to be proactive, do what we can to protect the health of our students, and play a tiny, tiny, tiny part in helping slow the spread of this virus, we are suspending classes effective after tonight’s, March 11, 2020, class.

Thank you for your understanding.