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Tango House of Madison is back after more than two years on hiatus due to the pandemic. During The Great Pause … we’ve had time to think about how we want to reboot. One thing that became abundantly apparent was we want to foster a healthy and ethical social dance ecosystem. This includes helping people develop social Argentine Tango dance skills that will allow them to dance around the country and world, promoting live music dance events, providing a welcoming environment for everyone, and also creating safe social dance spaces.

While the phrase “safe space” has been and is being used extensively, it’s literally the primary condition we are absolutely dedicated to creating.

Many social dance communities are plagued by bad actors who engage in disrespectful and predatory behavior on and off the dance floor, as well as organizers who turn a blind eye. At Tango House, we understand that the tone of a class or event is set by the teachers and organizers. We are dedicated to fostering a safe and respectful dance environment by excluding known bad actors and organizers, and setting clear expectations for behavior. We want anyone attending our classes or events to know that we will take complaints and concerns seriously and address them as best as we can.

Second, we strongly advocate for the use the Argentine Tango codigos. The codigos allow for respectful, consent-based dancing, a well- organized dance floor, and a more comfortable, respectful, and safe environment for everyone. (see The Codigos)

We are currently teaching Wednesday nights at Tango House of Madison.